Summary of Methods

Three data streams fed into ARISE’s landscape analysis: a) the document review; b) the key informant screening and key informant in-depth interviews; and c) secondary data analysis. The document review followed systematic review techniques, and focused on published (including non–peer reviewed) and unpublished literature from 1995 to the present. In total, 757 documents were identified for review. After screening for relevance, researchers extracted data from 150 documents. Researchers conducted 46 screening interviews with a range of key informants and 13 additional in-depth interviews in Ghana. Secondary data were reviewed for existing measures of routine immunization (RI) system performance. These data were used to explore performance trends in sub-Saharan Africa and to guide the selection of in-depth study countries for the next phase of the project. Researchers examined a series of indicators, including coverage and equity, over the past decade.