Project Objectives

The ARISE project is divided into two components: Systems Strengthening and System Innovation. The systems strengthening component has three objectives:

  1. Strengthen the evidence base to improve understanding of the drivers of routine immunization (RI) system performance.
  2. Deepen and broaden African and global stakeholder engagement in improving RI.
  3. Position the learning to help stakeholders improve RI systems in Africa, identify potential stakeholder strategies, and clarify stakeholder roles.

Specifically, ARISE will learn from existing evidence and will gather new evidence on the drivers of RI system performance in sub-Saharan Africa through: a) a review of existing literature and experience; b) a set of in-depth case studies in several sub-Saharan African countries; and c) an analysis of available quantitative data. Results will be translated into clear and focused investment options at the global, regional, national, and sub-national levels to optimize available resources to support routine immunization, and develop a theory of change.

What is a Driver?

A driver is a structure, resource, or process that works on or through RI system components to improve an RI system’s effectiveness. Drivers may take multiple forms including specific interventions, innovations or best practices, and changes in the overall health system.

The system innovation component can be found here.