Project Approach and Rationale

Diagram showing the approach and rationale of the ARISE project

A set of key research questions guide data extraction, collection, and analysis for ARISE. The main research question is: What are the drivers of RI system performance? Several sub-questions help break down the analysis into discrete components:

Changes in routine immunization system performance

  • Did performance change over time (regionally, nationally, subnationally)?
  • What is driving performance change: which drivers were successful in improving RI system performance?
  • How do specific drivers affect RI systems?
  • What changes took place in the RI system as performance improved?
  • Who are the key stakeholders associated with the drivers?

Context and characteristics of the routine immunization system

  • At the country level, what are the defining characteristics of the current RI system?
  • How do specific contextual factors influence the effectiveness of the drivers of RI system performance?

Transforming drivers into investment options

  • Which drivers present viable investment options?
  • How can investments promote or establish drivers in other similar contexts?